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Our International Medical Outreach (IMO) program is well-known for its diligence in providing healthcare facilities abroad with more modern, functional equipment to meet the most urgent, basic medical needs in their communities. Supplies and equipment as critical as patient beds and defibrillators remain in high demand, as do machines that can help prevent future health events, such as echocardiogram equipment for heart and maternal screenings. To date, our contributions have helped more than 1 million patients worldwide, a feat that would not have been possible without the ongoing support of our committed donors and partners.

But equipment donations without the proper education – for both clinicians and patients – would limit success in these communities. That is why, over the years, we have expanded our goals to incorporate more medical and general health education into our projects. Clinicians and technicians in hospitals and clinics abroad involved with IMO initiatives receive necessary education, ranging from trainings for using medical equipment to learning how to diagnose and treat health conditions. Most education initiatives are facilitated by medical teams from Charlotte, NC, who also benefit from these experiences and dialogue with care teams abroad throughout the year. These exchanges of knowledge and information have become a key ingredient to building lasting relationships with medical facilities worldwide, ensuring the sustainability of our work.

We also actively seek to empower patients and their families through education initiatives and screenings for disease prevention. For decades, we have made this part of our projects in the hospitals and clinics; more recently, we have taken this education into patients’ communities. For example, we are now in our fourth year hosting free heart-health education sessions and screenings in remote towns in Belize and Guatemala, where limited access to medical facilities and lifestyle choices contribute to high rates of heart disease. IMO also supports mobile clinics, which make both healthcare and related education available in the most remote of towns in countries like Nicaragua.

As always, we will continue our efforts to help patients and families near and far to lead the healthiest lives that they can.

Steven A. Robicsek, MD, PHD
President, Heineman-Robicsek Foundation

Director, International Medical Outreach (IMO), Atrium Health
Executive Director, Heineman-Robicsek Foundation

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