Caring for Infants in Guatemala

Who We Are

Since its establishment in 1959, the Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc. (Heineman) has been engaged in local and international humanitarian projects, primarily medical assistance through the donation of medical equipment as well as education to promote better living standards and sustainable healthcare.

The Heineman Foundation has partnered with Atrium Health, one of the country’s largest non-profit health care systems, to establish the International Medical Outreach (IMO) Program. With support from foundations, companies and individuals, the IMO Program actively donates medical equipment and supplies to clinics and hospitals worldwide. These contributions improve and, in many instances, establish programs geared toward public health and individual patient care. Due to the Program’s relationship with Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute, many of these programs focus on cardiac care.

What We Do

In addition to sending material assistance, the IMO Program offers educational opportunities and often sends volunteer physicians, technicians, nurses and hospital administrators to counterpart institutions to provide clinical and technical support, education and training. In Charlotte, IMO maintains a guest house where visiting providers can stay while attending training sessions and familiarization tours at Atrium Health’s Carolinas Medical Center (CMC).  These visits provide valuable opportunities to observe and study new clinical procedures and advanced medical technology.  Abroad and through virtual communication, volunteers lend technical support, consultation and hands-on teaching.

As of today, the IMO Program has improved the health of patients in 33 countries throughout Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe.  It has provided millions of dollars in services, refurbished and new medical equipment and materials to underdeveloped countries, and facilitated the exchange of many hours of medical education and more