Heineman Foundation of Charlotte (The Heineman Foundation) is a nonprofit organization with multiple goals.


We provide opportunities to acquire knowledge of the latest developments in medical care and technology to local, national and international health providers, and establish cooperation between medical institutions. In underserved countries, we offer educational opportunities to healthcare personnel as well as material and organizational assistance to healthcare institutions, primarily by donating used and refurbished medical equipment and by providing medical supplies, training and consultation services to promote sustainable healthcare and improved living standards.

We believe that good health is also the outcome of a clean environment. Part of our mission is to provide sustainable healthcare while helping reduce the impact of medical waste.


For more than 60 years, we have touched the lives of thousands of patients and families in nearly 45 countries. Ongoing support from institutions, individuals and non-profit partners allows us to offer free educational opportunities to international medical personnel and free equipment to hospitals and clinics worldwide.


Unlike most charitable organizations, we spend 100 percent of donated funds on designated projects. We do not use donations on fundraising or administrative expenses.