Listed below are links to videos from local, national and international media outlets covering the Heineman Foundation of Charlotte, International Medical Outreach, local and international outreach projects.

Hospital de Escuintla recibe donación para mejor atención en área de Pediatría, March, 2017

Presidente de Guatemala Jimmy Morales Visita Hospital de Escuintla, March, 2017

Hospital de Escuintla recibe donación de equipo médico, March, 2017

Hospital de Escuintla contará con nuevo equipo donado por Estados Unidos, March, 2017

International Success: Dr. Robicsek & Theresa Johnson, June, 2016

Dr. Robicsek and Theresa Johnson were recently interviewed for the TV-show, International Success, hosted by Dr. Maha Gingrich. The interview highlights all the work done by the International Medical Outreach Program, a collaboration between Carolinas HealthCare System and Heineman Medical Outreach.

CHS Launches Virtual Communication Portal with a Hospital in Belize, News 14 Carolina, September, 2013

New 14 Carolinas

Renowned Heart Surgeon to Charlotte Chamber: Help Me, Help Others, Charlotte Chamber, May, 2013

Computer Lab Opening in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, August, 2012

First Open Heart Surgery in Belize Becomes Reality, July, 2012