Dear Friends and Colleagues,

For more than 60 years, the International Medical Outreach (IMO) program, a collaborative partnership between Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc., and Atrium Health, has coordinated and delivered resources and programs to support the spread and sustainability of medicine and education globally. The impact of our work has reached individuals and families in nearly 45 countries to date. Our projects continue to grow in size and scope, opening the doors to more innovative, world-class medicine and services to patients of ranging ages and ailments.

In 2017, IMO was part of a collaborative effort to enhance critical care services for children in and near Escuintla, Guatemala. With support from numerous partners, including Guatemala’s President and First Lady, we helped establish the largest neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit (NICU-PICU) of its kind in Central America. The unit opened after years of planning, education and research supported by IMO and its partners. It has allowed families of infants and children to access safer care faster, a matter of survival for many youth.

The Escuintla NICU-PICU is one vision of the many that IMO has turned into reality with the support of donors, volunteers and partners who continually donate funds, goods and services to our program. They are critical to the survival of our projects, which oftentimes flourish into educational and research opportunities that contribute to projects’ sustainability. Providers, technicians and students in hospitals in the United States and abroad engage in medical and equipment training that enhance patient care and prolong the effectiveness of new programs. The tracking of successes also allows them to identify areas for improvement or for opportunities for newer treatments that can raise a hospital’s or a country’s medical profile. See pages 6-9 for more information on our research and education efforts.

Thank you to all of our donors, partners and volunteers for your ongoing support – it is because of you that our program has achieved all that it has and continues making an impact both at home and abroad!

Francis Robicsek, MD, PhD
VICE PRESIDENT | International Medical Outreach
PRESIDENT | Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc.

Theresa R. Johnson
DIRECTOR | International Medical Outreach