Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The International Medical Outreach (IMO) program, a collaborative partnership between Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc., and Atrium Health, has long supported improvements in healthcare and education worldwide. Understanding the profound need for ongoing services globally, IMO strives for sustainability of programs. We have been able to achieve this seemingly challenging goal in large part because of our extensive network of committed partners and volunteers. Over the years, hundreds of individuals and organizations have donated an abundance of necessary resources to both jumpstart projects and keep them going.

Healthcare providers and educators in Charlotte, NC, and throughout the United States continually volunteer their time and expertise to help raise the next generation of providers and teachers abroad. They work together to better understand and address the needs in these communities, and they offer solutions that are effective and sustainable. They use locally available materials and resources to train professionals abroad, an education that is key to ensuring the lasting, proper use of donated equipment and quality care of patients. This is facilitated by generous, ongoing material donations and funding from individuals, foundations and corporations.

Abroad, motivated medical and education professionals leave their loved ones for months at a time to train in the United States. They return home as specialists in their fields, able to perform medical procedures previously lacking in their communities and to train others in these services. Increasingly, IMO is offering digital technologies that enable providers across countries to meet and diagnose patients in real-time, helping solve medical problems more quickly and decreasing the amount of travel necessary. Additionally, organizations, hospitals and governments abroad continue granting their support and, when necessary, help remove or work around obstacles to help ensure the success of IMO programs.

Having partners and volunteers who commit for the long haul, as many have done over the years, makes it possible for IMO to plan large, long-term projects, something other medical not-for-pro t organizations seldom have the luxury to do. We would like to say Thank You to everyone who has helped make this possible and, with this report, share updates of the projects, partnerships and inspirations that empower and make possible our extensive reach and impact.

Francis Robicsek, MD, PhD
VICE PRESIDENT | International Medical Outreach
PRESIDENT | Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc.

Theresa R. Johnson
DIRECTOR | International Medical Outreach