The Bulgarian Cardiological Institute at the University Hospital Saint Ekaterina in Sofia, Bulgaria also has long standing ties with our Institution.

Professor Alexander Tschirkov, the head of the Institute, visited our hospital many times as a “visiting professor” and so did several members of our faculty in Bulgaria. Dr. Tschirkov sent several members of his staff to Charlotte at yearly intervals to study methods of statistics, hospital administration, scientific writing, as well as cardiology and cardiac surgery. Our Bulgarian colleagues made altogether 18 such visits to the Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute and spent time periods varying from a few weeks up to a half a year.

Dr. Robicsek has also attended many of the scientific events in Bulgaria in both Sofia, the capital, as well as Varna where the scientific meetings in Bulgaria are usually held. Our program of scientists and clinical exchange is very alive and we expect continued contact with our Bulgarian colleagues.