In partnership with the Fundación Sergio Paiz Andrade (FUNSEPA), Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc. supported the second convoy of teachers who traveled to Santo Domingo Zenocoj, Guatemala to offer professional development classes to the teachers at the rural public school, El Calvario.

The Charlotte teachers gave instruction for a week and established strong cultural, linguistic and professional relationships as part of the FUNSEPA initiative “Proyecto Guatemala”, to promote social equity and global education.  Allison Tarwater, Meredith Alexander, Nhora Gómez-Saxon, Tabitha Miller and Sara Perkins teach in various Charlotte schools. These teachers dedicated part of their summer break to share their expertise in class control, planning, curriculum and effective teaching techniques.

Heineman has a well-established and long-standing relationship with FUNSEPA, a Guatemalan Educational Foundation.  Our activities were initiated by our highly successful “Computers for Guatemala Rural Public Schools” project, where we began collecting deaccessioned but still viable computers, wipe the hard drives clean, and ship them to Guatemala where the equipment is refurbished by FUNSEPA, and the software operating system is donated by Microsoft.  FUNSEPA distributes the computers to the rural public schools and maintains them.  To be selected for the program, each school provides a secure room with adequate electricity before they can receive the computers, and the teachers are required to take a basic computer class. As of today, Heineman has shipped approximately 18,000 computers, serving 1,300 rural public schools, impacting over 500,000 students.