Fundazucar Clinic in the city of Escuintla, Guatemala received refurbished and new medical equipment for its outpatient facility.  Most recognized for its Eye Care Unit, the clinic was in dire need of updated equipment and upgrades.

Thanks to the generous donations and support from Atrium Health, Chiquita Brands International, and Aramark, IMO was able to upfit the clinic to better serve the local communities. Fundazucar Clinic gives medical attention to the approximately 790,000 people living in the department of Escuintla and most of the southern areas of Guatemala, particularly the departments of Retalhuleu, Suchitepéquez, and Santa Rosa. Working with three ophthalmologists, treatment is offered for glaucoma, narrow angle glaucoma, cataract, pterygium, etc. Surgical procedures such as phacoemulsification and cataract procedures are also performed.

IMO performed an assessment in October 2017 of the ocular operating room as well as the entire clinic. The clinic was found to be in need of updating and the operating room dilapidated and in need of upgrades.  The clinic, which has approximately 40,000 encounters each year, not only provides eye care, but it also offers dental, dermatology, pediatric and adult primary care.

Donated equipment included: Alcon Phaco surgical machine, stretcher specific for ocular surgery, stainless tables, kick bucket, stools, exam tables, ekg machine, vital sign monitors, dental equipment, autoclave, laboratory equipment, chairs, and much more.

IMO is proud to work with our generous donors, Atrium Health, Aramark and Chiquita Brands International. Thank you so much for your support!