Our accomplishments in patient care (firsts) for Charlotte and the Mid-Western Art of North Carolina:

1946 Pulmonary and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

1947 Surgical treatment of infectious lung disease

1948 Surgical treatment of lung cancer and inflammatory disease of the esophagus

1949 Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer

1950 Contrast studies (angiograms) for aneurysms of the abdominal aorta. Purchase of the first respirator.

1951 Contrast studies (angiograms) for peripheral artery disease. First resection of aortic aneurysm.

1952 First operation (endarterectomy) for peripheral arterial disease. Ligation of patent duct.

1953 Surgical management of mitral stenosis

1954 Manufacture and first application of synthetic arteries

1955 Establishment of a separate department of thoracic surgery

1956 Building of the heart/lung machine. Closed operations for congenital heart disease

1957 Establishment of heart catheterization laboratory. First open heart operation for congenital heart disease.

1959 Cava pulmonary anastomosis for corrected transposition. Surgery on complex congenital malformations

1960 First heart valve heart replacements

1961 Establishment of kidney dialysis service

1963 Usage of external pacemakers

1967 Implantation of first pacemaker

1970 Coronary cineangiography

1971 First coronary bypass operation

1974 First kidney transplant. Initiation of heart surgery in Honduras.

1975 Initiation of heart surgery in Guatemala

1975 Heineman doctors and technicians went to Guatemala City to help set up the Heart Unit at Roosevelt Hospital.

1976 Opening of the diagnostic electrophysiological laboratory

1981 Coronary angioplasty

1982 Peripheral artery angioplasty. Establishment of arrhythmia surgery service

1983 Endovascular laser

1987 Heart transplantation. Laser ablation of arrhythmia. Neonatal cardiac surgery. Cardiac valvuloplasty.

1988 Extracorporal oxygenation in the newborn.

1989 Coronary atherectomy.

1990 Neonatal heart transplantation

1992 Peripheral atherectomy

1993 Intracoronary laser

1994 Rotoblator. Coronary stents

1995 Peripheral artery stents. Implantable artificial heart

1996 New protective methods for accidental HIV and hepatitis exposure

1997 Advances in instrumentation for least invasive Cardiac Surgery

1998 Advances in Heart Preservation

1999 New Valve repairing procedures with a new aortic prosthesis

2000 New surgical applications for Angiogenesis