Why We Are Different

While the Heineman Medical Outreach, Inc. and its partners also support local humanitarian and research projects, their main activity, in concert with Atrium Health, is to administer an International Medical Outreach Program providing much needed equipment and educational opportunities to underdeveloped countries. Their activity differs from other charitable organizations in many ways.

Contrary to other local and national philanthropic organizations, where administrative and fund-raising activities may consume 50-80% of collected funds, any donation received is spent on the designated project and the donor also has the opportunity to designate to which humanitarian projects the money is spent.

Using refurbished equipment deaccessioned and donated by Atrium Health and other institutions, access to additional sources of used and donated materials, as well as the educational potentials of Carolinas Medical Center, they are able to provide free educational opportunities and medical equipment valued by the average of 10-100 dollars on every dollar, if it would be purchased new.

Your tax-deductible gift might save the life of a stranger, a friend or a family member.