The International Medical Outreach (IMO) Program has assisted several countries in Africa by supplying equipment, supplies and training that will provide much-needed medical services.


IMO, in coordination with several other charitable organizations, donated medical supplies to fill a 40-foot container to be delivered to a medical facility in St Paul Boyange, an area with very little available medical assistance.


IMO has donated medical equipment and supplies to assist medical and educational institutions. They have also established an orthopedic training program in partnership with OrthoCarolina.


IMO is helping provide medical equipment and supplies to a project in Kager. The goal is to create a fully-stocked clinic that will provide much-needed medical services to residents in rural areas.


Prior to 2011, there was no medical facility in the entire country of Liberia that offered cancer treatment. IMO partnered with physicians at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC to host an internal medicine specialist from Liberia to train them in appropriate chemotherapy protocols that would enable them to provide affordable treatment options for patients with curable or treatable advanced cancers.


Carolinas Medical Center (in Charlotte), in coordination with University of California-San Francisco and the University of Chicago, is developing a sister emergency medicine residency program in Dar es Salaam. IMO generously supports this initiative and donated equipment and supplies to Hindu Mandal Hospital (Dar es Salaam).


Through the donation of medical supplies, IMO supported a medical mission trip to Uganda with the purpose of treating jiggers and provide education on jiggers. Jiggers are small insects that look like fleas and are the cause of an epidemic that causes parts of the body to rot. IMO has participated in the facilitation of courses in evaluation and management of severely ill patients at Fort Portal Regional Hospital (Fort Portal), and train-the-trainer courses for doctors from countries in east and west Africa (Kampala).


IMO supported World Medical Missions by donating disposable materials.